What the Tech: Learn about Outread, the app of the day!

John F. Kennedy was able to read up to 1,200 words per minute, according to WRDW/WAGT. Around 250 people are on average. You would be able to read a lot more books if you were able to read as fast as JFK did.

That’s what this app, Outread, claims to do. You can train your brain to read faster while comprehending what you’re reading by using a speed reading trainer. Reading is slowed down by that inner voice we hear as we see the words, according to the app. Physically moving our eyes through the text is another reading speed bump.

Peripheral vision is improved through this reading exercise. To improve peripheral vision and short-term memory, look in the middle of the page rather than scan the words. This technique shows only small chunks of text at a time, minimizing the time your eyes have to move through it. Before reading, the app recommends using these techniques for five to ten minutes. Words can be highlighted or displayed at a different speed.

Among the classics, you never got around to reading are “The Great Gatsby” and other titles from Outread+. As well as reading articles, you can read things you saved in other apps. My reading rate improved to over 400 words per minute after using Outread for a few hours. This app is only available for iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

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