United doubles down in its bet on flying taxis with a $15 million order for Jetsons-like 4-seaters

United Airlines is gambling on another Jetsons-like future less than a month after investing $10 million in a flying taxi company. This is the carrier’s second investment in Eve Air Mobility – it backed Archer Aviation in August. Eventually, United will receive 200 more four-passenger vehicles as part of its new order, possibly in 2026. Additionally, the company has the option to purchase 200 more.

It’s not uncommon to invest in two different manufacturers. For example, many airlines have both Boeing and Airbus airplanes in their fleet. Flying taxis are expected to become a big business in the near future. Federal Aviation Administration approval of the vehicles to transport passengers has yet to be granted.

They will transport passengers around cities to hub airports, bypassing crowded highways and allowing people to spend their time more efficiently. Pilots’ requirements and flight patterns are being analyzed by the FAA for integration with existing flight patterns (most flights will take place between 2,000 and 3,000 feet in the air).

As part of United Airlines Ventures’ investment arm, Michael Leskinen, said in a statement, “United has invested early in several cutting-edge technologies at all levels of the supply chain, establishing ourselves as a leader in aviation sustainability and innovation.” “We are confident in the urban air mobility market because of our agreement with Eve.”

In eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft, no runway is necessary for takeoff and landing. Compared to cars and air conditioners, they’re quieter. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, they are also electric.

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