Spaceship Voyager Review 2022 | Is spaceship a good investment

Review of Spaceship Voyager: Australians experienced a financial crisis between 2008 and 2010, which made it impossible for them to own shares in traditional or macro investments.
Traditional investments are not at all prepared to do that since they need a significant sum of money to be an asset that can withstand the ups and downs of the market.

Over time, alarming headlines claiming a financial doom for the future shocked the top brains into creating something that requires minimal investment to make a solid living. Spaceship Voyager was DEVELOPED to encourage micro-investment among the underprivileged, among many other applications and platforms. This entire essay is devoted to a review of cast on spaceship investments.

What is Spaceship Voyager | Spaceship Voyager Review

It is an application that was created to assist micro-investment and was initially targeted at Australians. It allows even beginners to start investing with as little money as possible, like $1. This application provided two significant advantages: One of them is that it eliminated the fear of losing a large sum of hard-earned money from investors, as well as the fact that even inexperienced and poor people can invest.

Voyager offers a more automated approach to investing through its technology, which is significantly different from how our global financial system operates, in which you seek human financial guidance based on the conditions. It is somewhat automated, which limits the personalisation, but it is significantly less expensive than meeting with a financial counsellor, making it a great option for beginners with little financial resources. You can evaluate the performance of a starship voyager based on its fundamental features.

Investors have three options for making deposits into their different portfolios, with the option to make one-time lump sum deposits or schedule ongoing weekly, biweekly, or monthly top-ups. Additionally, you may use the application to track and keep an eye on the development of portfolios. More information will be added to this page about spacecraft investments to shed more light.

Spaceship Voyager Review: How do you Invest with Spaceship Voyager?

As for how we invest on Spaceship, this platform enables investors to do so in three separate portfolios, each of which is made up of various companies from different nations, including Australia, the US, China, and Argentina. However, you cannot change or personalize the portfolios.

How Spaceship Voyager works?

Starting with the Spaceship Voyager application is pretty easy because it eases the application process itself rather than assigning the investor difficult or complicated steps to follow.

Here are some actions to do to get started :

  • You must first download the application, which is available for free. Alternately, you can create the account online by using a web browser.
  • You just need to enter the information in the form after downloading the app or visiting the website, and you’re done!
  • Thirdly, you need to select a portfolio from the three options based on the level of risk you can tolerate and the expected return on your investments.
  • Last but not least, you must connect a bank account to your application in order for the investment to be credited to your account and for you to receive the reward. This makes transferring simple.

You might have learned more about spacecraft investment reviews thanks to this.

What are the portfolio options in Spaceship Voyager?

Here are the specifics of the three potential portfolio choices :

  • Spaceship Universe Portfolio : A living or active fund of 70–100 companies makes up this portfolio. The Voyager spacecraft plans to follow the WWG standards. Each company’s competitive advantage, future growth product, and future product are tracked and analysed according to WWG standards. A number of well-known US businesses, including Facebook, Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, Afterpay, Zip, and Seek, have benefited from this fund.
  • Spaceship Index Portfolio : Another portfolio option, called Spaceship, consists of 100 Australian equities and 100 global assets. Additionally, it is a “assive index fund” chosen using an equal-weighted index of the largest companies in terms of market capitalization. Instead of using a market weighted index, using an equal weighted index helps reduce the influence of large corporations and increases exposure to small businesses. The Spaceship investment review’s aspect that examines portfolios sheds light on several ones.

The target asset allocation range for this portfolio is as follows :

  • 75% (range: 70–80%) of large public corporations globally
  • 15% to 25% for Australian major public enterprises
  • Cash 5% (0-10% range)  
  • Spaceship Earth Portfolio : The Spaceship Earth portfolio, a live fund of 30 to 50 enterprises, is the last but certainly not the least. It is thought to have a beneficial and pleasant impact on people on earth and their planet in a variety of negative areas, such as poverty, poor education, and climate change. This fund is used for a negative screening procedure to block or disqualify businesses engaged in certain activities, like:
  • Fossil fuels
  • Animal cruelty
  • Human rights abuse
  • Tobacco and alcohol
  • Gambling

These portfolios, which offer three different possibilities, shed a lot of light on spaceship voyager performance.

The investment portfolios can they be modified?

Sadly, according to Spaceship investing assessments, investment portfolios are not an option. It serves the same purpose as a unit trust by collecting and then investing the investments of other investors in the investment portfolio. You have the honour of owning units in the fund, and each unit denotes a proportionate beneficial stake in the asset as a whole.

How much does Spaceship voyager cost | Spaceship voyager cost?

There are no sign-up costs at all, and there are no fees on the initial $50,000 investment. After that, investors are required to pay a percentage of any sum over $5000. The table below contains information on the fees. Not to mention, there are no departure, withdrawal, or brokerage fees. As a result, people in the middle class praise spaceship voyager performance.

FeesUniverse PortfolioOrigin PortfolioEarth Portfolio
Fee charged on the first $5,000 investedZeroNew ZeroZero
Fee charged on the balance above $5,0000.10% p.a.0.05% p.a.0.10% p.a.
The total annual cost incurred on a balance of $10,000$5$2.50$5

Is spaceship a good investment?

Given these advantages, you should start investing with Spaceship Voyager:


You can access your stocks and assets through a single account, making it fairly transparent.

2-Low fees:

To run a portfolio in this case, you are just need to pay one management fee.

3-Simple structure:

Simply choose various portfolios by employing a dextrous process.

4-Low barriers to starting:

There is no starting threshold amount in this case. You can even begin with only one dollar.

5-More global and sector exposure:

Because the financial business is so big, more industry diversity can provide you with additional exposure.

6-Thoroughly chosen news:

You are given accurate information on the businesses making investments in your portfolio, allowing you to gain knowledge and expertise.

7- Regular Investment Top-ups:

Here, you have the option of building up a weekly investment strategy that is consistent. You won’t need to worry about your investments if you follow this strategy. Performance of the Spaceship Voyager is heavily influenced by the advantages of investing on this platform.

Pros and Cons of Spaceship Voyager  

So, are you prepared to install its app and begin making investments through this platform? We’ve included some possible benefits and drawbacks below so you can better understand!


  • There are no costs up to a $5,000 investment. It means that even students and middlemen can invest without paying any fees.
  • Compared to other platforms, the spaceship Voyager is simple for us. You can effortlessly keep tabs on your assets and earnings.
  • There is no minimum investment requirement on this site, which is one of its best benefits. Even one or two dollars will allow you to enter.
  • The Voyager spacecraft precludes regular top-up checks. Once the account is set up for recurring payments, you can make investments at predetermined periods.


  • Fees will be assessed on sizeable investments, such as those over $5000. Therefore, before making a significant investment, it is good to think about the fees.
  • Investing on this platform carries a variety of risks, including: Shares may increase or decrease due to market risk. The swift shift in exchange rates, known as currency risk, has a significant influence on your investments. The third one is concentration risk, which arises if all of your assets are concentrated in one class.
  • There are only three portfolios available, so the selection is somewhat limited.

Spaceship Voyager Review, intimates you of its pitfalls so that you can invest safely.

Is Spaceship Voyager safe?

Given that there is no minimum investment requirement and you may start with just $1, reviews obtained up to this point indicate that it is safe to invest in this platform. You will eventually discover some strategies to stay safe and earn money. In conclusion, it is a secure and trustworthy site, even for newcomers. It provides a more accurate benchmark for judging spaceship voyager performance.

A comparison between Raiz vs Spaceship :

Portfolio optionsIt gives 7 different portfoliosThere are three portfolios
Trading FeesCharges a fee of $3.50 monthlyCharges $2.50 per month
Key BenefitsIt is collectively low costIt provides an easy way to invest in Stocks
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