Pixel tablets may use Google’s first-generation Tensor chip

Pixel Tablet and Pixel 7 series have generated a tremendous amount of excitement since they were first teased at Google I/O earlier this year. Besides the possibility of a stylus and rumors of only 64-bit apps, little is known about the former. According to a developer who sniffed through Google’s AOSP code, the tablet may use a Tensor SoC of the first generation. Depending on what you were hoping for, this could be disheartening or exciting, but nothing is certain until Google itself confirms it.

It could contain the first-generation Google Tensor chip codenamed gs101, but it won’t include GPS or cellular connectivity hardware, says developer Kuba Wojciechowski. AOSP code snippets were utilized by Wojciechowski, who shared the information on Twitter (via XDA Developers). A development board called Citron and the codename Tangor are repeatedly mentioned in connection with the Tensor chip. According to Google, the former refers to its Pixel tablet internally.

Developers also point out that there is no barometer sensor, proximity sensor, or high-fidelity sensor data processing. As we previously mentioned, Google’s Pixel tablet teaser shots remind us of other smart home items the company has released in the past. Unless you can use the Pixel tab for gaming, there is evidence that it’s more than a smart home hub.As for whether Google’s large screen is the key to smart home success, we’ll have to wait until next year.

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