What do you need to know about Apple’s “Far Out” event ?

There will be a big product announcement for Apple on September 7th. Apple’s upcoming event will be the company’s third live event of the year, with plenty of announcements scheduled, from the iPhone 14 lineup to the new Apple Watch “Pro” to the next version of AirPods Pro.

For select media members, the event will be held in person, but it will also be streamed online. The event can be viewed from anywhere, whether you’re at home or abroad.

There will be an Apple event held on September 7th at 10 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM Eastern Time.

Apple will stream its event live on Apple.com, AppleTV, and Apple’s YouTube channel. We’ve also embedded Apple’s live stream above. The event will usually be recorded and available on YouTube right afterward if you can’t make it in time.

As well as covering product announcements and other news during the event, The Verge will provide a live blog here on the site.

You can save up to £5 per month with Xbox energy saver modes

If you own an Xbox in the United Kingdom or Europe, you may want to set your console to a lower energy mode. For many households, the Instant On standby mode on consoles will cost up to £5 per month next month due to rising energy.

There are two ways to power up your Xbox console from Microsoft. The Xbox One S and Xbox Series S / X consoles can be put into Instant On mode, which consumes between 11-13 watts (depending on the model) and enables players to resume games instantly. Comparatively, Energy Saver mode consumes only 0.5 watts and requires you to fully boot up the Xbox before resuming play.

While Xbox One S and Xbox Series X / S consoles will have the more convenient Instant On mode, Microsoft made Energy Saver mode the default on Xbox consoles shipped since March. A lot of money can be spent on this over time. When used in Instant On standby mode for 24 hours a day, the Xbox Series X consumes around £4.93 of electricity per month calculated at the upcoming UK price caps (52.3p). I would like to thank Alex Hern for highlighting on Twitter the potential costs of the Xbox’s Instant On mode.  

Using a 10-watt Xbox One S console in Instant-On mode costs £4.18 per month, while an Xbox Series S costs £3.80 per month based on 10 watts. You can reduce Xbox console usage to less than 20p per month by enabling Energy Saver mode. There is also a variation in energy consumption when using Xbox consoles to stream movies or play games.

The Energy Saver mode bumps up the boot time of Microsoft’s Xbox games consoles despite the fact that you’re cold booting them every time you power them on. Microsoft’s changes have improved the boot time on the Xbox Series X by 5 seconds, and even older Xbox One models are booting faster. By pressing the power button on an Xbox Series X or S console, you’ll have to wait around 15 seconds before you can play a game. However, that time could be about the same as the price of a Netflix subscription every month.

Nintendo Switch owners don’t have to worry about anything. While playing, the Switch uses only 7 watts in TV mode, which is much less than Xbox’s Instant On standby mode. During sleep mode, the Switch uses no more than 0.5 watts. PC gamers… better start praying for a drop in European energy prices soon.