OnePlus 11 Pro Leak Shows The Alert Slider Is Not Dead Yet

The year 2022 has been a turbulent one for OnePlus without a doubt. 2022 saw OnePlus drastically change its launch schedule as a result of a renewed focus on China and Asia. Not to mention that OnePlus made ColorOS and OxygenOS practically indistinguishable by 2022, thus accelerating the “Oppo-ification” of OnePlus.

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Back in January 2022, OnePlus announced the OnePlus 10 Pro would be a China-only device. That was the first sign that the company would treat 2022 differently. In light of the fact that OnePlus typically announces its flagship devices in April-May, the January announcement of the OnePlus Pro surprised a lot of people. Deviating quite a bit from its usual strategy, OnePlus also did not launch a vanilla OnePlus 10 model. A few months later, the Oneplus 10 Pro arrived in other markets, including the United States.

The OnePlus 10T 5G was OnePlus’ first non-pro flagship device for 2022, released in August 2022. There are a few things this flagship smartphone lacks from the “Pro” model, including Hasselblad branding and the alert slider that have historically been part of the flagship models from Oneplus. OnePlus’ alert slider has disappeared from the last flagship model, but the first leaked renders of the next-generation model suggest that it could return with the Oneplus 11 Pro.

Everything We Know About The OnePlus 11 Pro So Far

OnePlus is reportedly planning to launch the OnePlus 11 by the end of the year, according to leaker Digital Chat Station. A report further claimed that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will almost certainly be used in this smartphone. OnePlus 11 lineup details were not shared by DCS other than these predictions.

OnePlus 11 Pro renders were leaked two days later by OnLeaks and Smartprix, an Indian tech publication. This week’s OnePlus 11 Pro gets an entirely redesigned camera bump. It’s a design decision that is sure to evoke polarized opinions. Hasselblad’s logo is also prominently stamped on the camera bump.OnePlus trademark physical alert slider switch looks very likely to remain on the OnePlus 11 Pro from the renders. It appears OnePlus intends to make the alert slider exclusive to its “Pro” series flagship devices with the return of the alert slider on the OnePlus 11 Pro.

In addition, OnLeaks said the final production version of the OnePlus 11 Pro might differ slightly from his renders based on early prototypes. However, he did not offer any other information about the phone.

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