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ImmutableX Overview

Price Change 24h2.38%
Price Change 7d18.72%
Market cap$507,196,585.66
Circulating Supply766,468,467 IMX
Trading Volume$15,030,030.09
All time high$9.50
All time low$0.00

ImmutableX Prediction Table

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

ImmutableX Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis for IMXUSD by TradingView

ImmutableX Price Today

The most recent information available indicates that ImmutableX is currently trading at $0.68 and is ranked No. 77 overall in the crypto industry. ImmutableX has a 766,468,467 IMX circulation supply and a $517,610,934.37 market cap. The cryptocurrency’s current value has increased by $0.03 over the last 24 hours. IMX has been on an excellent uptrend for the past week, rising by 19.69%.

ImmutableX has recently demonstrated very great potential, therefore now would be a good time to get in and make an investment. A staggering average of $0.37 has been added to the price of IMX during the past month, a rise of 55.27%. The coin can now turn into a reliable asset if it continues to increase due to its unexpected rise.

ImmutableX Price Prediction 2023

The minimum price of ImmutableX will be $0.809919, based on technical analysis of prices anticipated in 2023. The IMX pricing might rise to a maximum of $0.9999. The predicted average trading price is $0.839916.

Potential ROI: 51.5%

IMX Price Forecast for January 2023

ImmutableX’s price swings at the start of 2022 have led cryptocurrency experts to predict that the average IMX rate in January 2023 will be $0.619938. You can anticipate that it will cost between $0.559944 and $0.629937, respectively.

ROI potential: -4.6%

February 2023: ImmutableX Price Forecast

The IMX price prediction for February 2023 will soon be made public by cryptocurrency specialists. During this month, the smallest trading cost might be $0.609939 and the maximum could be $0.659934. ImmutableX’s value is predicted to be about $0.639936 on average.

Potential ROI: 0%

IMX Price Forecast for March 2023

ImmutableX’s price variations in 2022 and preceding years have been examined by cryptocurrency researchers, who anticipate that the average IMX rate in March 2023 will be almost $0.669933.  It may fall as low as $0.639936.  The most possible amount is $0.69993.

Potential ROI: 6.1%

April 2023: ImmutableX Price Forecast

The average IMX price transacted in the middle of 2022 will be $0.689931. ImmutableX’s value could rise to $0.719928 in April 2023 as well.  It is anticipated that in April 2023, the price would not fall below $0.669933.

Potential ROI: 9.1%

IMX Price Forecast for May 2023

Following their analysis of ImmutableX pricing in 2022, cryptocurrency specialists are prepared to share their projected trading average for May 2023, which is $0.709929.  The IMX rates may range from $0.689931 and $0.759924.

Potential ROI: 15.1%

June 2023: ImmutableX Price Forecast

According to cryptocurrency specialists, the price of IMX will be about $0.729927 at the conclusion of the summer of 2022.  The price of ImmutableX may decrease to a minimum of $0.709929 in June 2023. The max value anticipated in June 2023 might be $0.789921.

Potential ROI: 19.7%

IMX Price Forecast for July 2023

ImmutableX prices have been studied, and cryptocurrency specialists predict that the price could rise as high as $0.819918 in July 2023. However, it might fall to $0.719928. ImmutableX’s predicted average for July 2023 is close to $0.749925.

Potential ROI: 24.2%

August 2023: ImmutableX Price Forecast

The ImmutableX price will be traded at an average level of $0.769923 in the middle of autumn 2022. According to cryptocurrency specialists, the IMX price in August 2023 may range between $0.749925 and $0.859914.

Potential ROI: 30.3%

IMX Price Forecast for September 2023

Market analysts anticipate that the ImmutableX value won’t go below $0.759924 in September 2023. This month, a maximum peak of $0.889911 is anticipated. It is anticipated that the average trade value will be $0.789921.

Potential ROI: 34.8%

October 2023: ImmutableX Price Forecast

In-depth research has been done by cryptocurrency experts to determine the range of IMX prices in 2022. According to their prediction, ImmutableX’s trading value would likely fluctuate between $0.779922 and $0.929907 at its highest point in October 2023. The typical price in October 2023 will be $0.809919.

Potential ROI: 40.9%

IMX Price Forecast for November 2023

ImmutableX’s price swings during the start of 2022 have led cryptocurrency experts to predict that by November 2023, the average IMX rate will be $0.829917. You may anticipate that it will cost $0.79992 at the lowest price and $0.959904 at the most.

Potential ROI: 45.4%

December 2023: ImmutableX Price Forecast

The IMX price prediction for December 2023 will soon be made public by cryptocurrency specialists. During this month, the smallest trading cost might be $0.809919 and the maximum could be $0.9999. It is anticipated that ImmutableX will typically be worth $0.839916.

Potential ROI: 51.5%

ImmutableX Price Prediction 2024

ImmutableX’s minimum price is predicted to be roughly $1.22 in 2024 based on an examination of its previous year’s prices. The greatest anticipated IMX price is possibly $1.41. The typical trade price in 2024 might be $1.25.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMazimum Price
January 2024$0.84408225$0.87407925$1.03
February 2024$0.8782455$0.9082425$1.07
March 2024$0.91240875$0.94240575$1.10
April 2024$0.946672$0.976569$1.14
May 2024$0.98073525$0.976569$1.17
June 2024$1.01$1.01$1.20
July 2024$1.05$1.04$1.24
August 2024$1.08$1.08$1.27
September 2024$1.12$1.11$1.31
October 2024$1.15$1.15$1.34
November 2024$1.19$1.18$1.38
December 2024$1.22$1.22$1.41

Potential ROI: 113.6%

ImmutableX Price Prediction 2025

According to technical research performed on ImmutableX prices by cryptocurrency specialists, IMX prices in 2025 are predicted to range between $1.79 and $2.11, with $1.79 being the minimum price and $2.11 being the maximum price, respectively. The typical anticipated trading expense is $1.85.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMazimum Price
January 2025$1.27$1.30$1.47
February 2025$1.31$1.35$1.53
March 2025$1.36$1.40$1.58
April 2025$1.41$1.45$1.64
May 2025$1.46$1.50$1.70
June 2025$1.50$1.55$1.76
July 2025$1.55$1.60$1.82
August 2025$1.60$1.65$1.88
September 2025$1.65$1.70$1.93
October 2025$1.69$1.75$1.99
November 2025$1.74$1.80$2.05
December 2025$1.79$1.85$2.11

Potential ROI: 219.7%

ImmutableX Price Prediction 2026

The values of ImmutableX and their variations over the previous years have been researched by cryptocurrency professionals. The minimum IMX price is predicted to fall to $2.56 in 2026, while its maximum price will be $3.09. The cost of trading will typically be $2.64.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMazimum Price
January 2026$1.85$1.92$2.19
February 2026$1.92$1.98$2.27
March 2026$1.98$2.05$2.35
April 2026$2.05$2.11$2.44
May 2026$2.11$2.18$2.52
June 2026$2.17$2.24$2.60
July 2026$2.24$2.31$2.68
August 2026$2.30$2.38$2.76
September 2026$2.37$2.44$2.84
October 2026$2.43$2.51$2.93
November 2026$2.50$2.57$3.01
December 2026$2.56$2.64$3.09

Potential ROI: 368.2%

ImmutableX Price Prediction 2027

Based on a study of ImmutableX’s costs conducted by crypto experts, the highest and minimum projected IMX prices in 2027 are $4.50 and $3.65, respectively.  It will often trade for $3.76.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMazimum Price
January 2027$2.65$2.73$3.21
February 2027$2.74$2.83$3.32
March 2027$2.83$2.92$3.44
April 2027$2.92$3.01$3.56
May 2027$3.01$3.11$3.68
June 2027$3.10$3.20$3.79
July 2027$3.20$3.29$3.91
August 2027$3.29$3.39$4.03
September 2027$3.38$3.48$4.15
October 2027$3.47$3.57$4.26
November 2027$3.56$3.67$4.38
December 2027$3.65$3.76$4.50

Potential ROI: 581.8%

ImmutableX Price Prediction 2028

Crypto specialists are continuously examining ImmutableX’s price variations. According to their forecasts, the average IMX price will be close to $5.31. It might fall to at least $5.12, but it might yet rise to $6.20 by the end of 2028.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMazimum Price
January 2028$3.77$3.89$4.64
February 2028$3.89$4.02$4.78
March 2028$4.02$4.15$4.92
April 2028$4.14$4.28$5.07
May 2028$4.26$4.41$5.21
June 2028$4.38$4.53$5.35
July 2028$4.51$4.66$5.49
August 2028$4.63$4.79$5.63
September 2028$4.75$4.92$5.77
October 2028$4.87$5.05$5.92
November 2028$5.00$5.18$6.06
December 2028$.512$5.31$6.20

Potential ROI: 839.4%

ImmutableX Price Prediction 2029

ImmutableX price predictions are made by specialists in the cryptocurrency industry each year. In 2029, it is predicted that IMX would trade for between $7.42 and $8.79. Throughout the year, its average cost is anticipated to be roughly $7.63.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMazimum Price
January 2029$5.31$5.50$6.42
February 2029$5.50$5.70$6.63
April 2029$5.69$5.89$6.85
April 2027$5.89$6.08$7.06
May 2029$6.08$6.28$7.28
June 2029$6.27$6.47$7.49
July 2029$6.46$6.66$7.71
August 2029$6.65$6.86$7.93
September 2029$6.84$7.05$8.14
October 2029$7.04$7.24$8.36
November 2029$7.23$7.44$8.57
December 2029$7.42$7.63$8.79

Potential ROI: 1231.8%

ImmutableX Price Prediction 2030

Analysts of cryptocurrencies are prepared to publish their predictions for the price of ImmutableX. The $12.96 maximum IMX price will define the year 2030. Its price, nevertheless, might decrease to about $11.34. Therefore, $11.64 is the anticipated average trading price.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMazimum Price
January 2030$7.75$7.96$9.14
February 2030$8.07$8.30$9.48
March 2030$8.40$8.63$9.83
April 2030$8.73$8.97$10.18
May 2030$9.05$9.30$10.53
June 2030$9.38$9.63$10.87
July 2030$9.71$9.97$11.22
August 2030$10.03$10.30$11.57
September 2030$10.36$10.64$11.92
October 2030$10.69$10.97$12.26
November 2030$11.01$11.30$12.61
December 2030$11.34$11.64$12.96

Potential ROI: 1863.6%

ImmutableX Price Prediction 2031

ImmutableX cost estimates for 2031 have been prepared by cryptocurrency specialists after years of analysing the ImmutableX price. It will trade for at least $17.12 and could reach a top of $19.86. As a result, you should generally anticipate paying $17.59 for an IMX in 2031.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMazimum Price
January 2031$11.82$12.13$13.53
February 2031$12.30$12.63$14.11
March 2031$12.78$13.13$14.68
April 2031$13.27$13.62$15.26
May 2031$13.75$14.12$15.83
June 2031$14.23$14.61$16.41
July 2031$14.71$15.11$16.98
August 2031$15.19$15.61$17.56
September 2031$15.67$16.10$18.13
October 2031$16.16$16.60$18.71
November 2031$16.64$17.09$19.28
December 2031$17.12$17.59$19.86

Potential ROI: 2909.1%

ImmutableX Price Prediction 2032

Analysts of cryptocurrencies are prepared to publish their predictions for the price of ImmutableX. The highest IMX price of $29.16 shall be the year 2032. Its price, though, might decrease to about $24.67. Therefore, $25.55 is the anticipated average trading price.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMazimum Price
January 2032$17.75$18.25$20.63
February 2032$18.38$18.91$21.41
March 2032$19.01$19.58$22.18
April 2032$19.63$20.24$22.96
May 2032$20.26$20.90$23.73
June 2032$20.89$21.57$24.51
July 2032$21.52$22.23$25.28
August 2032$22.15$22.89$26.06
September 2032$22.78$23.56$26.83
October 2032$23.41$24.22$27.61
November 2032$24.04$24.88$28.38
December 2032$24.67$25.55$29.16

Potential ROI: 4318.2%


ImmutableX price now

ImmutableX (IMX) is currently trading at $0.67, and its market capitalization is $516,919,539.03.

Is ImmutableX a good investment?

ImmutableX’s price is expected to rise in the near future. It is anticipated that the IMX price may see a bull trend soon. Please remember to always conduct your own research before purchasing any assets.

Can ImmutableX rise?

ImmutableX’s average cost appears to be approaching “AveragePrice2022” by year’s end. According to a five-year plan, the cryptocurrency may increase to $3.76. Please always conduct research before investing money in any project, network, asset, etc. due to market price volatility.

How much will ImmutableX be worth 2023?

Minimum and maximum IMX prices could reach $0.809919 and $0.9999, respectively.

How much will ImmutableX be worth 2025?

The ImmutableX network is growing quickly. The price prediction for IMX in 2025 is largely favourable. The minimum and highest predicted prices for the IMX average are $1.79 and $2.11, respectively.

How much will ImmutableX be worth 2030?

The right conditions are given for IMX to raise prices to unprecedented heights. The price forecast for IMX is really promising. Business analysts believe that by 2030, IMX might cost as much as $12.96. Please note that none of the information above constitutes either investment advice or fundamental analysis. There is no information supplied.


Please be aware that the information in this article does not constitute investment or financial advice. The information included in this article is solely the author’s opinion and is not intended to give trading or investment advice. Regarding the correctness, completeness, and dependability of this material, we make no guarantees. The bitcoin market experiences frequent irrational fluctuations and severe volatility. Before making an investment, any investor, trader, or everyday cryptocurrency user should consider all points of view and become familiar with all regional legislation.

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