How to Turn on Night Mode on Your Google Home Devices

Is it annoying when your Google Home or Nest device barks out its answer at the loudest volume possible when you ask it to set an alarm for the next morning? You can forever put an end to the issue with Night Mode.

What is Night Mode?

When your Google Home device is in Night Mode, it effectively silences itself. If you dislike how loud and bright your device is just as you’re about to hit the hay, this is a Google Home setting you might want to change. When you enable Night Mode, you will be able to adjust the brightness and volume of your speaker or display to avoid waking others.

How to Turn on Night Mode?

  1. Install the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. If your Google Home device is linked to an account, make sure you’re logged in.
  3. Tap on the device tile on the home screen.
  4. On the screen, click the Settings gear icon.
  5. You can access Night mode by tapping Notifications & digital wellbeing in the General menu.
  6. Turn on the toggle switch next to Enable night mode.
  7. Night Mode can be activated at certain times and days.

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