Golden Retriever Watches Birds While Trying VR Headset in Heartwarming Clip

The viral video of this dog wearing a virtual reality headset has delighted the internet this week. It was shared by markeyla5 on TikToker The video was uploaded on August 30 and has since been viewed more than 650,000 times. A virtual reality experience immerses a user in an environment that is generated by computers, with objects that appear as if they were real.

Sir Charles Wheatstone first described stereopsis in the 1800s, which is considered the origin of VR. In his studies, the brain creates a sense of depth and immersion when viewing the same object with two eyes from different angles. Stereoscopes were invented as a result of this development, which used mirrors angled at 45 degrees to reflect images.

During the 1990s, SEGA and Nintendo released virtual reality headsets to play video games, and today, virtual reality is an increasingly common part of life. Today, VR is used to create immersive gaming experiences, treat psychological disorders, teach new skills, and even take terminally ill individuals on virtual trips.

In the video, the golden retriever An outdoor scene is shown through a VR headset. With a smile on his face, the pup looks around at the floor and then up at the sky where he can see birds. This adorable pup’s reaction has delighted the Internet. The first time I heard the word “animal testing,” I believed this was what I was trying to imagine. Virtual reality has been enjoyed by animals before. In an attempt to increase milk production, a farmer from Turkey gave his cows VR headsets earlier this year to reduce their stress.

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