Apple plans to appeal Brazil’s decision to ban the sale of iPhones without chargers

Apple has been banned from selling iPhones in Brazil without chargers by the Ministry of Justice. In addition, the country’s national telecoms agency Anatel has canceled the iPhone 12’s registration and imposed a fine of 12.275 million Brazilian reals ($2.38 million). When the iPhone 12 was released in 2020, Apple stopped bundling chargers with the device.

As a result of reducing manufacturing processes, the company is shipping devices without power adapters. 861,000 tons of copper, zinc, and tin will be saved as a result of Apple’s decision to stop bundling chargers in 2021’s Environmental Progress Report. It could also save the company up to 70 percent on carbon dioxide emissions by shipping devices more efficiently.

Apple couldn’t convince Brazilian authorities that its iPhones support USB-C charging and that other measures could have been taken to help the environment. Consumers are deliberately discriminated against when devices are sold without power adapters, authorities have ruled. 

After completing its review, the ministry made this decision Analyses That began in December. Formerly known as So Paulo, the Brazilian state Apple was fined for selling iPhones without chargers, and 10.55 million reals ($1.92 million at the time) were fined.

The company has not yet pulled its newer iPhone models from its Brazilian online store, but Reuters reports that Apple will work with the government to address their concerns. A spokesperson also told Reuters that Apple will appeal the ministry’s decision. The company stated that they had already won several court decisions on this issue in Brazil and that most of their customers were aware of the numerous options for charging their devices and connecting them.

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